Your Next Great
Sailing and Deep Water Soloing
Starting from Palma
di Mallorca
Spain Route
Jump on Board
Is Simple


With us, is all about the Next great adventure

Climb with the Waves, Breathe with the wind, Learn on a yacht, Love your passion, and Live the Next adventure. We want you to find the ultimate sailing experience and fulfill your summer passions. Be the one who always goes to the Next level.


Everything started among a small group of friends, adventure seekers trying to satisfy their needs arising from their deep roots as climbers in the middle of the Dolomites and as sailor explorers of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. We couldn’t do one without the other. We were left with the only thing we could do. Join the adventures and do them both. No compromises!

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SailNext Climbing

13 - 20 August (Palma de Mallorca)

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This is a holiday dedicated to:




Deepwater climbing and sailing with friends

Climb, sail and live on a yacht, make friends and discover something new, everyday. You’ve never sailed? To get on board should be your Next idea

Summer adventure

Explore, discover, find your freedom, just be adventurous.
This summer’s gonna be your truly Next adventure. Simply have ‘sun’ with us!

Belong to our family

We are climbers and sailors. Come and join our Instructors, become part of the family, you’ll come to share our passion for sports and adventure, you’ll love the way we always think about what’s Next


Amazing days
of sailing and climbing


Nautical miles
of pure sailing


Days of adrenaline DWS
and pure rock climbing


Personal alpine
guides always on “deck”

Our Contacts

You wake up in the middle of a beautiful bay, have a nice breakfast on the water before setting sail to an astonishing climbing spot. You can either enjoy a relaxing passage under the sun or engage actively and sail the boat with our Skippers that are always there to teach you all the tips and tricks of this amazing sport…and when we drop anchor the climbing cliffs are just in front of you. Our certified Mountain Guides will be always there to assist you and instruct you so that you’ll have the safest and most enjoyable experience on the rock.


No. Our certified Mountain Guides are always there on board with you to teach you everything you need to know to safely dive into this experience even if you are a DWS newbie.

To embark into this adventure you’ll need to know the very basics of rock climbing which can be easily learned in 3 or 4 climbing sessions. This doesn’t mean you cannot join if you have never climbed before. Get in touch with us before booking and have a chat with us. We can advise you on how to get the minimum required experience to fully enjoy SailNext Climbing.

You only need to bring your climbing shoes with you. If you don’t have a pair, just leave us a message and we can advise you on the best deals to buy a pair before coming. Our Mountain Guides will bring all the rest for you!


Yes, definitively! Sailing is a beautiful sport and way of life that our Skippers are always excited to involve you with. Trust us, you will fall in love with sailing!

If you have them, why not?! However you don’t need them. We have chosen our destination so that we will (almost) always have great weather and sun. A sweater for the evenings and a rain jacket for some rare summer rain showers is all you need.

No. We don’t provide transfers to and from the port of embarking.


Yes. SailNext Climbing is both a relaxing and adventurous experience that involves Mountain and Nautical sports.

An accident insurance is included at no extra cost by our partner Mapo Tapo in every booking of a SailNext Climbing experience.

However, we want all our guests to feel as safe as possible and enjoy this amazing holiday carefree. Make sure you have an extra travel insurance that covers sailing and climbing sports and all your needs when you travel abroad.


To mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19, our health policy is divided in three steps:

1) Our Staff has to undergo COVID-19 testing before embarking with you

2) All yacht undergo COVID-19 compliant sanitation before boarding according to the policies of our charter partners

3) We require all our guests to comply with the health policies of the place of embarking. In the specific case of Spain, all tourists are required to undergo COVID-19 testing 48 or 72 hours before entering the country. We extend this requirement also to local tourists joining Sailnext Climbing.

No worries, we have that covered for you. We follow the flexible booking policies of our sales partner Mapo Tapo here.